Bedouin Saga was born as a passion project of Tamer and Rami, also known as Bedouin, in 2017. They aimed to create an electronic music experience that stood out from the others. Over time, Bedouin Saga has established itself as a unique brand in the electronic music scene, offering a distinctive visual and musical experience. From a visual standpoint, the party has evolved into a captivating, surreal productionMusically, Bedouin Saga presents a diverse lineup of electronic music, including live performances and DJ sets. The roster features both established artists such as X and Y, as well as up-and-coming talent, ensuring fresh and exciting music.The party has earned a reputation for being loved by fans and industry professionals alike and was awarded Best Night in Ibiza" by the DJ Awards. solidifying its status as a leading brand in electronic music. Over the years, Bedouin Saga has continued to grow, expanding its reach abroad and solidifying its position as an influential brand in the electronic music industry. With shows at prestigious locations like Papaya Playa Project Tulum and Koko in London, Las Vegas Wynn and more.